Tips And Ideas For Your Interior Decorating Projects

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Does it seem like your house needs a facelift? Is facing the same old decor each and every day starting to bore you to tears? It’s amazing how quickly rooms and decor can get old for us. That once vibrant room now seems dull and uninteresting and you feel you just can’t stand to look at your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom the anymore?

If you find yourself thinking or feeling this way then it’s time for a change. And don’t worry-you’ve come to the right place for fun and fresh¬†decorating ideas.

One simple way to spruce up almost any room is to use paint, different painting styles and a new paint scheme. So, before you start to search for other ideas, you may want to give paint a try with one of our fun interior painting ideas – you can add a whole new lease of life to your home by just adding some extra color to it. The results can be amazing – you genuinely might not be able to believe it.

If you have children, they may want some input into the design of their room. Allowing them to choose paint can be risky – especially teenagers who’ll want to pain their entire room black or dark green or some other horrible color! However, some paint manufacturers have useful color wheels and tips online that will help you give your kids the chance to do a virtual makeover.

Once you each have some decorating ideas, you can work out a compromise that you both can live with. For instance, many children like the idea of a black room. However, instead of a painted cave, parents like bright, airy walls. One great new product is blackboard paint. Offer to allow your kids to paint one wall black with the blackboard paint and then paint the other walls in a lighter color. That way one wall can still be used for doodling on whilst the rest of the room maintains its “dignity”.

Another interior decorating idea for you to consider is painting a scarred wood floor. You can try painting a section at a time and then wiping most of the paint off again to create a whitewash effect. If you don’t like the whitewash effect, try painting a rug directly onto the floor with stencils. Other areas where you may need interior painting ideas to conceal problems are ceilings or odd walls. You can try painting ceilings with textured paint or clouds to hide flaws or stains You can dress up a boring wall with a mural or try painting it in two different colors of paint.

Finally, one room where many people need interior painting ideas is the baby nursery. If you are tired of pink or blue rooms, try painting the walls in wide pastel stripes in a variety of colors. Paint a height chart directly onto the wall – this serves the dual purpose of being decorative and will provide you with hundreds of opportunities for the kind of photographs happy memories are made of.